Our Marketing / Consultancy Services

Our Marketing / Consultancy Services

2019-01-29 17:13:57

Welcome to the eljaboom website

We are a professional team dedicated on finding and analyzing crypto projects to bring the best projects to you.

Our team comprises of 5 members from different parts of the world with huge experience ranging from 6-18 years from different streams. The team consists of engineers who are experts of technical know-how of crypto and highly experienced marketers who have worked in varied fields. 

Our Twitter follower base is very high and growing with a reach of 4.5 million per week, with 1k+ subscribers on the YouTube channel we make educational videos and review projects extensively, our telegram group is a place for casual as well as serious discussions. 

We have multiple things to offer for projects and teams:

- Organize YouTube videos for interviews and reviews of crypto projects. 

- Vast social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook.

- Exclusive advertisement feature on our website which will be given prominence on the front page. 

- Every day there is a giveaway on the website where people can win prizes ranging from tokens/coins to mobile phones and many more which you can also sponsor your project there! 

To give an enticing media hype to a wide range of people across various continent of the world. 


Don't sit and doubt while others earn. Make this opportunity count. If you are interested in making a deal, Eljaboom is the place to market with!


If you are looking for all these services or some of them, don't hesitate to contact us: eljaboomcrypto@gmail.com or you can contact us via twitter @Eljaboom